Training camp news

Training camp  Valley Wildcats 2023-24

The training camp for the Valley Wildcats started with a player orientation on August 28th. It will be followed with two intra squad games on Wednesday August 30th and Thursday August 31st at 230pm. The games are open to the public.

The first two exhibition games will be September 1st in Truro and September 2nd against the same Truro Bearcats in Berwick at the KMCC.


Returning players
Artem Ishchenko, Maksym Kolinko
U18 Valley Wildcats players from last season

Here is a list of players invited to the 2023-24 camp.


Tyson Peters

Sam Sinclair

Connor Blackwood

Cohen Stoddard

Kehlan Munroe


Dahnte Nackoney

Brady Wamboldt

Evan Rose

Noah Sutherland

Cameron Walsh

Dylan Chisholm

Braedon Hemenway

Tyson Lefrense

Luke Jardine

Brady MacKenzie

Landon Ryan

Artem Ishchenko


Brendan MacRitchie

Cole Mckeigan

Braycen Dube

Lucas Byrne

Nick Goodwin

Landon Toole

Matt Simms

Anthony Rizzi

Cole Whelan

Trevor Harvey

Luke Foley

Cole Foston

Colin Parker

Ben Nicholson

Dylan Manning

Aidan MacLeod

Jake Gerhardt

Aidan Bent

Will Hartnell

Ben Wallace

Will MacKinnon

Maksym Kolinko