Wildcats Auction Thank You Week Jerseys

The Valley Junior A Wildcats are auctioning their special Honda MHL Thank You Week jerseys.

As part of the return to hockey for the 2020/2021 MHL season, all 12 teams across the league are wearing special uniforms during their home openers. The jerseys are a way to recognize and honour the work done by all sorts of front line workers during the ongoing pandemic. Valley wore the jerseys in Berwick on Friday, October 30th, and in Truro on Sunday, November 1st. They will wear the jerseys one more time on Saturday, November 7th in Summerside, PEI against the Western Capitals.

The jersey auction is live, being conducted on the Wildcats Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/valleywildcats
Comment on the photo of the player and jersey you’re interested in with your bid. Bids will be accepted until Sunday, November 8th at 9pm. Bids are accepted exclusively on the Facebook page.

Best of luck, and thank you for your support.

Player/Jersey List:

#3 Brent Levy

#4 Matthew Power

#7 Sam Grant

#8 Ethan Kearney

#9 Drew Somers

#10 Luke Wilson

#11 Darren Waterman

#12 Blake Deacon

#14 Keigan Casey

#15 Dylan Schofield

#16 Ethan Landry

#17 Jordan Etheridge

#18 Chad Wilson

#19 Aaron Brown

#20 Riley MacInnis

#21 Sonny Kabatay

#22 Aidan Clarke

#24 Dylan Matthews

#25 Jack Olson

#26 Marcus Pettipas

#27 Dylan Chisholm

#28 Brant King

#29 Justin Bourque